Seeds of Change Toolkit
Seeds of Change Toolkit
Seeds of Change Toolkit
Seeds of Change Toolkit
Seeds of Change Toolkit

Seeds of Change Toolkit

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Decide, write & grow your intentions with sustainably sourced, eco-friendly wildflower seed paper. Do it for fun, to heal, with friends or alone...your world will bloom with this practice of cultivating your words.

Your purchase supports not only your well being, but that of nature. This kit combines the best earth friendly methods, including: post-consumer upcycling, sustainable, ethical, renewable and regenerative sourcing, reusable and recyclable packing and contents.

Wildflowers are not only beautiful, but they support bees for a healthy ecosystem.

Love yourself, love the earth!


  • Wildflower paper (recycled, biodegradable paper with embedded wildflower seeds)
  • Palo santo (or “holy wood”, fragrant of pine, mint and lemon, used for healing, cleansing and connecting)
  • “Good is Coming” matches (custom-made)
  • Process Instructions
  • Mantras & writings by Lauren Turk
  • Good is Coming EP by Lauren Turk (download code)

*Kits are bespoke and assembled by hand. Each is unique!


1 - Put on music you love; light palo santo.

2 - Reflect on what you want to let go of and what you want to let in to your life.

3 - Write your LET GO’s and LET IN’s on the appropriately stamped flower paper.

4 - Plant the flower paper and watch your words grow into beautiful wildflowers! Every time you see, smell and tend to them, remember what you’re inviting into your life, what you’re not, and continue to take action.

Do this once a week for a month, alone or with loved ones.



  • 100% post-consumer recycled paper packed with wildflower seeds, solar-power manufactured by a B-corp. Biodegradable.
  • Seeds are non-GMO, non-invasive, 75% germination rate. Kit includes 8 sheets, 4.25 x 5.5. Use two per week.  
  • Organic ink made from scratch in Los Angeles.


  • Sustainable, ethical and regenerative sourcing from Peru. Cut from the heartwood of naturally fallen trees by local authorized farmers and permit owners only, in accordance with ethical labor practices. Contributing to reforestation with MAGAP, SERFOR & USDA.


  • Custom made with love in Los Angeles by Lauren Turk.


  • Made in the USA from 100% recycled content. Reusable and recyclable :)



1, 2, & 3, thought, word & deed - decide it, write it & grow it from seed. From me to you, a method tried and true for growing what you choose.

Still reading? If you can read this you can do this :) To this day, nothing in the world can replicate human consciousness. You already have the most powerful tool on earth: your mind. Like a computer game, you can program it. You don’t need to know code, have a lot of money, smart gadgets or a guru.

You need you, and the resolve to grow what you choose. 

Everyday we write the story of our life with what we choose to think, say and do. 

A year ago, I pieced together this process to get through dark days, and I swear by it. I needed something beautiful and practical - beyond thoughts & prayers or ritual, far removed from screens and digital - something real, alive and lasting that I could see, touch and smell to keep my spirit high and my mind on track.

As far as I'm concerned, whether feeling grief or gratitude, we need practices that bring beauty into our lives.  Being a human, facing ourselves and taking the reigns of our lives is an intense, winding road...and beauty takes the edge off. 

Last but not least, growing your words into wildflowers is not only pretty and fun, but it is a symbol of your power to create. When you water your flowers, you are watering your words, your wishes, you are nurturing and growing and evolving your Self.  Action is the highest form of creation. Taking that step beyond thoughts and words is how you get where you're going.

Live in your authority. 


With love,

Lauren Turk